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Chicago Garage Doors | Garage Door Gratitude

When you are thinking of all the things you are grateful for this Thanksgiving don’t forget to thank your garage door. The door does a lot more than you might realize. Not only does it go up and down every time you tell it to without complaining but it keeps you and your belongings safe and secure when the door is closed. The garage door is the biggest entrance into your home and when the door is closed it is keeping any and all people and things that you don’t want in out.

The best way to tell your door thank you is to check up on it. Have a technician come out and make sure all the parts are working well and that everything is up to date. Don’t leave out one of the most important parts of your home this Thanksgiving!

Chicago Garage Doors | Did you hear something spooky?

It’s that special, spooky time of year again, and some people’s garage doors are joining in the fun and offering up strange noises to scare their owners.

Haunted Garage Door

It has a mind of it’s own!

Is your garage door one of these?  What should you do when you hear some of these spooky noises?  What is a spooky noise?

Well, it’s not what you think.  Your garage door won’t make those stereotypical ghost noises that children make–  Instead, it will be something as simple as a noise that you’ve never heard before.  It could be an extra screech, groan, or roar; either way, it marks the sign of the dreaded. . .


No, we kid.  It just means that something is amiss and can be fixed for relatively cheap and relatively quickly before evolving into a larger problem.  Moral of the story?  Call a garage door exorcist–  I mean, specialist, when your garage door starts making spooky noises.

Chicago Garage Doors | Is Your Garage Door Insulated?

Do you know how old your garage door is? If you can’t answer that…you really should find out. Garage doors are sturdy and are meant to last a while, but you really should be replacing your garage door every 10 years. There are so many advances that are happening technologically in that time frame that to be up to date you should upgrade. Along those lines, if your garage door isn’t insulated you MUST take care of this. It will make all the difference in the world. You might not realize how much of a difference it makes, but trust us it does. One of the biggest things it changes is the amount of energy used to heat up and cool your home during extreme temperatures outside. The insulation will keep the temperature at a more stable place so your garage and home will also stay more temperate. If you haven’t looked into insulating your garage door call us today to help you out!

Chicago Garage Doors | Garage Door Testing

Did you know that if you neglect to regularly test your garage door, it could easily become a monster, just waiting and biding it’s time until it decides to strike?

Garage Door Monster

“Feed Me!”

Well, that seems a little extreme, but it is very important to have your garage door tested regularly.  There are tests that should be performed as part of routine maintenance that test to ensure your garage door will immediately stop if it runs into an object; this is to make sure that your entire family, not to mention whatever you keep in your garage, stay safe from the garage door monster that is waiting to strike!

Chicago Garage Doors | Fireproof Your Garage

Of course we certainly hope that you never have to worry about a fire in your home or garage, but we think it is better safe than sorry. There are actually a lot of regulations put in place to ensure that if a fire starts in your garage it won’t travel into your home.

One of the regulations even states that a garage door can’t open into a bedroom. Even with all of these safety regulations in order we still recommend taking any extra precaution you can. You can install a fire wall between the garage and the house door, fireproof the garage door itself, and put fire retardant on that structure of the garage door. If you have any questions please feel free to call any professional garage door company!

Chicago Garage Doors | Time to install an open indication monitor?

Nobody wants to wake up to the surprise that they left their garage door open all weekend–  That would be a travesty.  If only there was something that people could do about it–  Some sort of alarm, or monitor that indicated when you had left your garage door open.

Someone should get on that. . .

Oh wait!  There is something like that!  An “open indication monitor.”  This fantastic piece of machinery alerts you to the status of your garage door when you leave it open, reminding you that you’re probably going to want to close it to keep everything, including you and your family, safe.

We can do these!  Let us know if you’re interested!

Chicago Garage Doors | Advantages of same day service

There are some people out there that don’t think it’s a big deal when garage door repair companies offer same day garage door repairs.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you have plenty of reason to enjoy this fact, and that it should be something you actively seek out in a garage door repair company.


Because if you don’t choose a company that offers this, who knows how long your garage door could be out of commission.  Think about this–  It’s not as simple as just being without a functioning garage door.  That also means that your house is vulnerable to crooks!  That also means that you are missing out on a level of privacy!  That also means that your pets may get out.

There’s a lot that goes into it, and by letting your garage stay broken while you deal with some hacky company that can be bothered to respect your time, you’re really missing out!

Chicago Garage Doors | What to do at the first sign of trouble

What should you do at the first sign of trouble with your garage door?

Should you go inspect it?  Should you attempt to fix it?  Should you call a qualified garage door repair technicians?  Should you do nothing and hope it fixes itself?

It should seem rather obvious what you should do, but unfortunately, most people don’t make the obvious choice.  A lot of people opt to try and inspect it, or fix it themselves, and when it comes down to it, garage door repairs are actually very dangerous.

At the first sign of trouble, you should call a qualified technician to come out and diagnose the issue, and let them handle it from there.  Your life and limbs are more important than your pride in these situations!

Chicago Garage Doors | What if I have really old springs?

A lot of garage doors, garage door systems, and garage door springs have been in the field, doing their duty for quite some time–  Garage Doors, if maintained, can last a tremendous amount of time.  So what if one of your springs finally decides that it has had enough, and snaps?

Uh oh!  They don’t make that sort of spring anymore!  What are we going to do about this?

Well, if the garage door spring company you call is particularly skilled, they can crate an adapter for your garage door system, effectively updating your garage door (without replacing the entire thing) so that it can accept brand new springs!

If you’re in this position, though, make sure you call a quality spring company that can actually perform this tricky service!

Chicago Garage Doors | Dust your springs

Not many people think about the importance of dusting, but have you ever left an area of your home undusted for extended periods of time?

What happens when that dust piles on?  It turns into a sticky, film like mess that is hard to clean.  Nobody likes cleaning that.  Fortunately, there aren’t many moving parts on your picture frames, but could that excessive dust cause an issue with something more complex.

. . .  Say, garage door springs?

Of course it could, which is why regular maintenance is very important for your garage door!  Let’s say you’re not “down” with some maintenance right now.  Well, at the very least, dust your springs!

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