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Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | If it ain’t broke…

We’ve all heard the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix .” Chicago Garage Doors believes this. That is why we will always assess the situation with your garage door and do anything we can to repair it without having to replace it. We also believe in proper maintenance. If you maintain your garage door it can last decades with no problems at all.

Chicago Garage Doors wants to help you keep your garage door running smoothly at all times, and we want to help you in any way that we can. So, before your garage door actually breaks call us in to do some check ups and maintenance…you will save yourself a lot of time and money!

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Emergency Garage Door Repair

When was the last time you scheduled garage door repairs?  Think back.  Did you do it because you anticipatd your garage door breaking, or was it because your garage door had already broken?

Thought so.  Very few people are psychic, and of them, very few can communicate with their garage door–  Chances are, when your garage door breaks, it’s not planned for, and you need it taken care of fast.  So what happens when this occurs in the middle of the night?

Well, you can take advantage of our emergency service options–  Your garage door isn’t very considerate, and you can’t anticipate when you’ll need it fixed.  So, we do the anticipating for you by offering 24 / 7 emergency garage door repair.

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Can I use old track with new garage door?

If you are looking to replace your garage door but save money by keeping the track that was used on your last garage door we would advise otherwise. Most garage doors are specifically designed to work with a certain track and may not work right with a different track. It might save you money initially, but eventually you will have to replace the track which will cost you more money because you will have to have the door taken off to do this. We really suggest replacing not only the garage door but also the track.

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Keep that garage organized

It is nice to have to option to store things in your garage, but if everything is all over the place and it is keeping you from being able to park your car in there it can be an issue. Luckily there are a lot of different ways and options to organize your garage door so that you can store stuff and park in there too. Our favorite way to store things is to get big plastic bins that can stack and label each one of them so you know exactly where everything is. What is your favorite way to organize your garage?

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Lock your doors

A majority of people know to lock their doors when they are out and about. They know they should lock their car, even if running in somewhere for only a couple minutes. They know to lock the main door to their home. But a lot of people are putting themselves at unnecessary risk by leaving their car doors unlocked and the door inside their garage unlocked when they have their garage closed. Yes, they are fine if they remember to close the garage door as soon as they enter, but a lot of people don’t and in some cases forget altogether. Also, if the garage door breaks they will be leaving an open entry for anyone looking to get in. Please stay safe and lock all your doors all the time.

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Paint or replace?

If your garage door hasn’t been looking too hot lately you may be wondering if you should replace it or if painting it will be enough. If the door is working well and just looks worn down but doesn’t have much rust, we highly recommend you save the time and money and just give the old girl a new paint job. On the other hand, if the door is not working right or there are large spots of rust on the door it is in your best interest to go ahead and replace the entire door. If you are looking to do either of these things give Chicago Garage Doors, we can help!

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Are you suffering from ugly garage door syndrome?

If your home or business has started to look shabby on the outside, it could be a case of the ugly garage door syndrome. The garage door takes up such a huge part of the outside of your home or business and is the first thing most people will see. This is why it is crucially important to keep your garage door updated and looking great. You wouldn’t want your neighbors complaining about your home, and you certainly wouldn’t want potential customers avoiding your business all because of an ugly garage door. If you are looking to upgrade your garage door call Chicago Garage Doors now!

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Best opener for commercial garage door

If you have a large and heavy commercial garage door you probably want to have a garage door opener that is sturdier than your typical chain or belt drive. If you are severely in a pinch for money a chain drive opener might be able to suffice, but is definitely not your best choice. We highly recommend you have a screw drive opener. A screw drive opener is designed specifically for very large and heavy garage doors, so it will easily be able to last for years under the wear and tear of lifting and lowering a big garage door.

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | No extra charge for same day service

We are aware of the massive headaches a broken garage door can cause. This is exactly why we offer our same day repairs and emergency garage door services for no extra charge. Our technicians want to help you get back to normal life as quickly as possible, which is why they can not only assess the issue with your garage door, but can also repair it at the exact same time. You won’t have to wait for the repairman to leave and get supplies and come back, our technicians have everything they will need for the job with them when they first arrive. Don’t wait, call today for quick and easy garage door repair.

Chicago Garage Doors | (800) 442 – 1675 | Garage Door Upgrades

There are so many new and creative ways to upgrade your garage door. You may not even have to buy any new parts or install a new door in order to get a custom designed garage door. Some of the ways you can upgrade are: paint the door, add decorative hinges, add light fixtures, and install windows. We would love to hear some of the creative ways you have made your garage door stand out.

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